March 24, 2017 WEE Forum: The Frozen Chosen

An unvarnished look at the joys and trials of proclaiming the Gospel in the secular city through the lens of the documentary movie, ‘The Frozen Chosen’

Elizabeth Gardner, Documentary Movie Director; Rev. David & Betsy Hill, Principals of the Movie

Elizabeth is a producer at WGBH television station and is director of the documentary movie, ‘The Frozen Chosen.’ David & Betsy are the principals in the movie. David is pastor of City Church in Boston.

Join us Friday evening, March 24, beginning at 7pm in Boston’s South End at Emmanuel Gospel Center (2 San Juan Street, Boston) for a special screening of the ‘The Frozen Chosen.’ The forum will open with a time of worship led by Rev. David Hill and conclude with Q&A with Elizabeth, David & Betsy.

Please register above on the WEE Forum drop-down menu. There is no cost to attend, however seating is limited.

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