Civil Conversations on Christian Differences

Join us for one of three evenings centered on the real issues that started the 500-year old Reformation, the real differences among various Christian traditions, and our real hope for finding common ground in a world of division. With Dr. John Armstrong (ACT3 Network) and either Fr. Tom Ryan, CSP or Fr. Roger Corriveau, AA.
  • Friday evening, March 24th – 7:30pm in the Fulton Hall Auditorium, Boston College
  • Saturday afternoon, March 25th – 3:00 pm at the Paulist Center, 5 Park St, Boston
  • Sunday evening, March 26th – 7:00pm in the lower church, St. Joseph Parish, Needham, MA
  • Monday evening, March 27th – 7:00pm in the Maison de Francaise, Assumption College, Worcester, MA