October 9, 2020 WEE Forum: Race, Politics & Hip-Hop

A Christian Perspective On Racial Justice, Lyrically Stated

Caleb McCoy, Rapper, Musician and Producer

Caleb has branded his distinctive style as OAK music. The OAK–the One of A Kind–is a commitment to artistry with a message that is deep rooted, unique, and prolific. Caleb is also the Development Manager at the Emmanuel Gospel Center. Whether making music, or engaging the nonprofit sector, Caleb takes his skills, experiences, and emotions, and puts it through the lens of his faith. Caleb has several albums available on all digital retail platforms.

Caleb will be with us on October 9, beginning at 7pm on Zoom (also his second time presenting at the WEE Forum), to lead us in a discussion of the current racial and political climate and their impact on the cause of justice for the Black community.

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