A Philosophy of Unity

The Black Knight

So this might seem like a strange illustration of our philosophy of Christian Unity, but the Black Knight at the end of the scene rather graphically represents the Church in its disunity: Wounded & bleeding, not fully functional, and (perhaps) trying to shrug it off as “only a flesh wound”

We believe that we (and other Christians committed to unity) should engage with the picture in three ways:

  1. To point out the horror of how disunity has wounded and impeded the Church
  2. To remind one another – and all followers of Jesus – of the “original picture” of the Church’s wholeness
  3. To partner with the Holy Spirit in the work of healing and restoration

We believe that picture of God bringing all things together under the headship of Jesus that is so magnificently displayed in the 1st chapter of the letter to the Ephesians includes the restoration (the “recapitulation”) of the unity of the people of God (the Church)

“He has therefore, In His work of recapitulation, summed up all things…” –Ireneus of Lyons