A Good Year Past

The Institute for Christian Unity exists for the purpose of bringing Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical/Pentecostal and Mainline Protestant Christians into closer proximity with each other–toward a truer, more recognizable oneness in our common faith in the God revealed in Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, good things have happened as we’ve been about our work. Here are a few of those good things that have come to pass in 2016:

+A regional Catholic-Evangelical Gathering hosted and facilitated by Scott Brill, one of our co-Directors, October 24-25, 2016.
+Bi-monthly forums (the WEE Forum) that bring Christians of all traditions together regularly and locally to engage subjects that stir thought & action.
+Conversation re. expanding the WEE Forum to Newport, RI. One United (a RI non-profit) would like to present the forum in Newport.
+The Institute’s participation in the National Workshop for Christian Unity held in April 2016 in Louisville, KY.
+Christian unity ‘101 classes’ beginning December 2016 in local congregations here in the Boston area led by our co-Directors.

On behalf of our co-Directors, Dr. Vito Nicastro & Scott Brill, I thank you for your friendship and prayers on behalf of our efforts in the direction of one Church witnessing to our one Lord!

Wishing you peace & a joyful Advent!

Matt Crane

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