Christian Unity The Old Fashioned Way

There’s something to be said for bringing together Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical/Pentecostal and Mainline Protestant Christians without even having a strategy to do so…just happening organically as you go about your business. Such unplanned ecumenical witnesses are inspiring and they happen more often than we might think. One such witness is presently taking shape in Newton, MA and goes by the name of Kataluma. This Christian mission, offering hospitality and welcome to refugees, has found active, substantial support across the spectrum of Christian traditions, not least in the provision of volunteer hours and financial assistance. The Institute for Christian Unity is one friend, among many, happy to share in their work. Please check out the two minute video below for an update on Kataluma’s progress as of this past fall. Much more to come on what’s happening with Kataluma as well as another like-minded Christian mission organization, Hospitality Common,  in the coming months.

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