Artists Cry Out

Hello Friends,

The Institute for Christian Unity enjoys a great friendship with Emmanuel Gospel Center (EGC) of Boston. EGC has served the Church in Boston (and beyond) since 1938. That’s 82 years of being a light for Christ in the city and equipping Christian leaders to serve the Church well.

Of late, in addition to being a center for leadership training and resources, EGC has become something of a gathering place for exceptionally talented artists. Please check out the below music video produced by EGC as an encouragement to the Church and wider world in this moment of upheaval.

The musicians are Caleb McCoy and Jaronzie Harris. The video is directed by Elijah Mickelson. Caleb has previously presented at the Institute’s WEE Forum and Elijah has done video production for us in the past.

God’s Peace to you this Holy Week, Matt



    Moving …beautifully done …and most appropriate. I’m a retired pastor (87) who lived and loved and worked in NYC for almost 30 years, much of the time with youth — in Midtown, Harlem and the Lower East Side. Wish my health enabled me to be part o the Boston scene now …and to get to know more aout your work. I learned about you from a friend, Gerald Stover, in Bethlehem, PA who has connected in some way to you. Keep on doing what your doing.

    Dave Henkelmann

    • Thank you for your affirmation, David, and I’m glad that you enjoyed the video! I’m honored by your interest in our work as someone, yourself, who has served Christ and his Church on the front lines in NYC for many years. You have stories to tell, I’m sure 🙂 God be with you and your loved ones in a beautiful way this Holy Week, no matter our present circumstances, and, perhaps, because of them. Peace, Matt

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